Company Overview


TDCG believes that scuba diving can be safer, more professional, more advanced and more fun. We have developed many first in the industry such as in dive training and dive travel. We set up the first dive travel company in Singapore in 1991 and the first Technical diving training & live aboard in South East Asia in 1994. Now we are leading the development of diving professional in the academic field in China & Myanmar. We continue to keep abreast of the latest techniques and technologies to provide the best solution to our discerning members.



The Dive industry is growing at an exponential rate in China and the rest of Asia. The demand for the best dive products & services is inevitable. Dive travel is an eventual market to emerge. TDCG is poised to take advantage of this growth and with an experienced staff team, excellent location offices, and unique strategic approach with the local government and tourism business community. The company goal is to be the biggest Dive Business Group in Asia and eventually the rest of the World. We hope that we can all become one big family providing the best of dive products & services to our members and also the best bottom lines of all our business associates.


We aim to build the future infrastructure of the dive industry into our ecosphere. We envision that our customers will train, travel, trade and become a part of TDCG.



We are the pioneering company leading the new approach to recreational dive training and safety. We are gaining presence in the online and mobile marketplaces in retail and wholesale trade, as well as cloud computing and other services. We provide technology, products and services to enable consumers, merchants, and other participants to conduct commerce in our ecosystem.

Train@ TDCG

We enable hundreds of our partners to be accessible globally. We also owns proprietary dive training system that makes a better and safer approach to dive training. This creates interactions among our users, between consumers and merchants, and among businesses every day.

Travel @ TDCG

We create platforms which enable our partners and members to match their requirements and needs quickly, so whether it is a free and easy trip or planning a series of group trips you can buy or build packages that create value and can be shared among the participants and in our ecosphere.

Trade @ TDCG

We empower our partners with the fundamental infrastructure for ecommerce and data technology so that they can build businesses and create value that can be shared among our ecosphere participants.

Team @ TDCG

We have create memberships for the market to match the different target group with the relevant types of products and services. In this way the individual groups will be better serve and will also draw more of their circle of people

Technology @ TDCG

We know the importance of this dynamic information age. We strive to keep up by embracing the digital revolution providing our products and services through media across all platforms. We are in Web, Broadcast, Smart TV, Mobile, OTT and Cloud platforms.

Live @ TDCG

We strive to expand our products and services to become central to the everyday lives of our members. We started by creating a media channel to connect with our members and partners. We have also started to form alliance with local service providers to set up service stations and clubs across to region to better serve our Oridinary, Gold, Platinum and the Elites members. Lets continue to enjoy the exciting diving lifestyle with class.